Why do you offer only eleven Essential Supplements?

We test and supplement for these 11 nutrients because they are essential to our bodies and we are able to accurately test them through your 100 microliters of blood and through our lab processes. We spend months of research and development for any nutrient we add to our panel to ensure we are able to accurately test for and effectively supplement with them. 

Since we are results-driven, we do not like to test and supplement nutrients that we cannot give you an accurate depiction of through your blood nutrient status. (For example, calcium cannot be accurately read through your blood so we will never be testing for this nutrient.)

Also, there are some nutrient deficiencies, such as iron, that may indicate a serious underlying health concern that should be handled by a doctor. We don't just want to sell people supplements, we want to make sure it's in their best interest.
The good news is, we are actively working to expand not only the nutrients we test but also the products we offer in the coming months, all while keeping it personalized to each and every customer. 
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