What is the difference between your Specialty Supplements and your Essential Supplements?

Our Essentials are vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that we test for in your blood using our Nutrient Test. Recommendations for our Essential Supplements are made based on the results of this test and updated over time as you take additional Nutrient Tests. These essential nutrients are very important to your overall well-being, but blood levels are very slow to improve over time, and so your feeling of well-being improves slowly over time as well. 

Our Specialties are non-essential amino acids, herbals, botanicals and other supplements that can give you an added boost in a short amount of time. They can help you reach your goals faster and let you start feeling the impact of your daily supplement regimen sooner. Since these supplements aren’t essential to the body’s function, there isn’t a blood test that can tell us if you need these. Instead, you take our researched-based questionnaire to determine if a Specialty might be right for you and your health goals.

To read more about our Specialty Supplements visit our blog.

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