Is there a recommended practice for swallowing the pills?

Some people can find it difficult to swallow larger pills. So we’ve collected some tips here. This technique was explored in a study published in the Annals of Family Medicine which found an 89% increase in improvements over normal pill swallowing style.¹

  1. Drink some water before taking the pills in order to moisturize your throat.
  2. Only take the pills themselves with a little water, too much will make it difficult to take it all down.
  3. Try tilting your head downwards while you swallow. This works best with capsule style pills.
  4. Put a capsule on your tongue.
  5. Take a sip of water but don’t swallow.
  6. Tilt your chin toward your chest.
  7. Swallow the capsule and water while your head is bent
  8. Try it for a few days. We've found that after a few days many people quickly adjust to larger pills and can often swallow all the pills in a pack at once.

If you are still struggling with the size of the pills, you can contact us and we can try to offer some additional tips. 

You can contact us via or 617-401-3076.


¹ Two Techniques to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

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