More information about magnesium levels

Magnesium levels tend to be lower among those who don’t take a magnesium supplement or multivitamin that contains magnesium. Although it’s rare to have optimal or high magnesium status from diet alone, symptomatic magnesium deficiency is uncommon. 

An estimated 48% of Americans consume less than the recommended amount of magnesium. Reasons behind magnesium inadequacy might include the following:

  • Consuming an inadequate amount of magnesium from food, as only 30-40% of dietary magnesium is absorbed properly. You can learn more about food sources of magnesium here.
  • Having a condition of the small intestine that would impair absorption (such as IBD or Celiac disease)
  • Having a kidney condition (including type 2 diabetes) as magnesium is processed in the kidneys

Supplementation: Baze dietitians recommend a supplement for those who measure below our optimal range, unless you requested to remove it.

If you still have questions about your magnesium measurement, chat with one of our dietitians by emailing

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