How does your pricing work?

When you purchase our Baze Nutrient Test Kit, you pay $199 which includes a Nutrient Test, Nutrient Report, and Personalized Supplement Recommendation. After receiving your results, you have the option to opt into a subscription to receive a monthly supplement box and quarterly retests. Your first supplement box is free and customizable, so you can adjust as necessary whenever you'd like. On average, our customers pay $20-40 per month for their supplements. Find out more about our pricing here:  

Although we recommend quarterly retests priced at $149 per test in order to track your progress, we allow customers to reschedule quarterly retests as far out as a year from their initial test. 

With this flexible subscription model, you only pay for what you need each month. You do not have to commit to purchasing supplements before taking a blood test and knowing exactly what your body requires to reach an optimal health status. 

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