Should I stop taking my supplements before using Baze?

If you're taking supplements already and want to try Baze, you have a few options. To see what your levels are naturally, we recommend stopping your supplement routine for a month before taking our test. Then we can understand what you're getting from food (and won't send you things you don't need to take!).

If you don't feel like waiting, or want to see how well your supplements are currently working for you, you can still take our test now, without taking any supplements at least 1 day before testing. We also highly recommend that you re-test in a few months to make sure that you're not missing anything.

Additionally, after you’ve taken the Nutrient Test and received your results, we recommend that you stop taking any supplements that we are also providing to you to ensure you're not taking too much of something. However, if you have been instructed to take these supplements by your healthcare provider, we always recommend consulting them before changing your supplement regimen.

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